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Escaping The Digital World | Daily Poetry

Prompt: Today, we’d like to challenge you to write a surreal prose poem.

Aren’t you exhausted of the digital world, where we’re constantly digging into our tablets, always ending up furled? I once tried to escape this cycle of disgust, of my eyes cemented to a void, literally drying into dust. The couch pulled me deeper in, as I settled by the window – the sound of kids running, mumbling gibberish lingo. Looking out, I felt a strange comfort across my face with that fresh whiff of breeze, wandering at its subtle pace. Was I feeling okay, I couldn’t comprehend if I was new to this space. My lungs felt lighter, is this how it feels to chase… the outdoors and earthy scent for a little while longer? These tiny delicacies of life were making me feel stronger, almost make me want to pull my knees up to my chest – this momentary feeling of bliss, is this what people call “rest?” Again, I wouldn’t know for sure, I’m ardently unaware. Maybe if I let go of my devices a little, this could be a joy I’ll be more spirited to share.

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