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Innocence Unleashed | Daily Poetry

Prompt: (Skyler’s Prompts) What’s an identity you’ve had since childhood?

Innocence Unleashed.

What was I like as a child –

Some days docile, some days wild.

Always screaming for what I felt was right,

Tiny girl in pigtails, always shining bright.

Could write through the noon, and read through the night,

Some days she’d growl – but don’t worry, she didn’t bite.

Would cry for tubs of ice cream, freezing and cold,

Always lacked patience, couldn’t wait to grow old.

A two-foot long kid, thinking she could scare,

Everyone around her, with the fierceness of her stare.

Dancing through the halls, she’d sing a little song,

And push through academics, with willpower strong.

Literature and art, kept her core strengths bustling,

Little did she know that life would always keep her hustling.

But growing up, she tried not to lose the way she felt,

She kept her essence alive, she’s still her kiddo self.

But back then she would duck into her tiny, little shell,

Sniffling on her tears every time she suffered a mini hell.

Today, she doesn’t hide – she steps out and fights her way,

The tiny me has changed, but parts of her will always stay.

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