Free Poem: India Writing Project Submission


Discover a free downloadable poem featured on Readably Yours, as part of the India Writing Project submission by the author. Dive into the heartfelt narrative of a young woman torn between conventional career paths and her creative aspirations. This piece explores the timeless struggle for freedom and authenticity in the face of societal expectations.


Introducing our latest freebie: this captivating and introspective poem crafted by Ritika Das and featured on Readably Yours as part of the India Writing Project Submission by the Author.

Explore the journey of a young woman navigating the labyrinth of career choices and personal aspirations. Delve into her inner turmoil as she grapples with the dichotomy between pursuing a conventional, intellectually-driven path and embracing her innate creativity.

This evocative piece captures the essence of modern-day dilemmas, resonating with anyone who has felt torn between societal expectations and their own dreams.

Download this thought-provoking poem today and embark on a journey that will linger in your mind long after the final stanza. Don’t miss out on this free download offered exclusive for members of the Readably Yours Community.


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