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    A Sense of Belonging | Daily Poem

    When do I feel the most rooted in my culture? When I wear my heart on my sleeve, and jhumkas in my ear. Dangling across my cheek, with silver bells that feel like droplets. Holding my head up high, to let my bindis shine through. Crimson bindi on my crown, unapologetically feminine in my soul. As I press a silver nose ring, an expression of a blooming flower, Feeling each whiff of breath that passes through, going forth. Gently letting my fingers trace the lines of the gulbandh on my neck, Crafted by local artisans, radiating rustic charm. When I drape into my mother’s ikkat saree, an embodiment of my…

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    From Hurt to Healing: Restoring Childhood Scars Through Friendship

    Growing up without the comfort of genuine friendship shapes more than just your childhood; it writes itself into the lens with which you perceive and navigate the world. I have written poems about this before, but not really from the perspective of how friendships affect your changing perception of the world. As a young child, my worldview was more innocent – everyone was inherently good and capable of kindness. But as I transitioned into teenage, reality hit me with some really harsh lessons. Most of my childhood innocence was shattered through bullies in the disguise of friends. Bullies, who with their cutting words, shattered a lot of my belief system…

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    Book Review & Quotes | Acts of God by Kanan Gill

    To all my book friends, I recently finished reading Acts of God by Kanan Gill, and wow, it was quite the journey! This book isn’t your typical sci-fi adventure—it’s a deep dive into philosophical musings that made me pause, reflect, and question the very fabric of life. Let’s start with my favorite part: the storage instructions. I know, it sounds mundane, but Kanan Gill’s whimsical take on how to cherish and store a book left me smiling and nodding in agreement. He writes, “Or, if you’d rather love, then love this book with all your might, trace your fingertips gently over its jacket, literally, digitally and spiritually. Take this book…

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    Book Quotes | She’ll Never Make It by Masoom Minawala

    Every time that I immerse myself in the pages of a book, I find more than just words on paper; a collection of profound insights and heartfelt emotions. Within the lines of my latest literary venture, I discovered a collection of quotes that was touching and inspirational for all to read. These quotes truly resonated with me and lingered in my thoughts long after I turned the final page. Join me as we unravel the beauty and complexity of life reflected in the pages of this literary masterpiece “She’ll Never Make It” by Masoom Minawala. Here we go! 1. In the attempt to prove everyone wrong, I found that when…

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    Echoes of Existence

    About the Book Title: Echoes of Existence Author: Ritika Das a.k.a. Readably Yours Genre: Poetry Summary: “Echoes of Existence” is a captivating poetry collection that invites readers to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Through a series of heartfelt verses, this book unveils the hidden magic within life’s mundane moments and emotional journeys. Immerse yourself in the essence of the everyday as these poems encourage you to rediscover the joy in simple pleasures—from the aroma of morning coffee to the peace found within the pages of a book. Inspired by the ordinary moments of the writer’s life, these verses resonate with the ebbs and flows that define our existence. With…

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    My Author Life Since 2005, You Heard It Right

    Hello, I’m Ritika Das, known in the literary world as Readablyours. Early Life and Writing InspirationI’ve always wanted to be a writer since I was in first grade (2005) – it was when I learned for the first time that I had the capability to write poems that melt hearts. Growing up in Mumbai, my home was always filled with books and stories. My mom nurtured my love for books, and sitting in the kitchen reading out loud to her enhanced my passion for literature, aspiring me to write one of my own someday. Writing JourneyMy journey as a writer truly began with a Wattpad title that I ended up…

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    Verse by Verse: How to Write Daily Inspirational Poetry

    Writing a poem daily holds remarkable potential. In a world that often drowns in noise and distraction, the act of writing a poem each day becomes an escape for our hearts and minds. It helps us nurtures our creativity, illuminates our deepest emotions, and connects us to the beauty of the human experience. Writing a poem every day is not just a mere exercise of self-expression; it also becomes an act of self-care and compassion. But why is this daily practice of poetry so significant? It is because through each poem, we stretch the boundaries of our imagination, and dare ourselves to challenge our perceptions. Writing a poem every day…

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    Book Review | She’ll Never Make It by Masoom Minawala

    In a world where ambitious, young women often undergo a lot of skepticism, Masoom Minawala’s new book, “She’ll Never Make It,” is a light-hearted guide on resilience and empowerment. The book not only challenges those who have it in themselves to venture in uncharted territories but also mirrors Masoom’s struggles and wins across the years of her entering the influencer industry. Blurb: ‘She’ll never make it’ is something many ambitious, driven and entrepreneurial young women hear, especially if they want to do something totally different. And Masoom Minawala was no exception. Ridiculed and derided, Masoom decided to prove everyone wrong. Today she’s one of the top influencer-creators in India and…

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    Books To Read If You Love Insta-Poetry ✨

    Hey there and welcome back to Readably Yours! Today, we’re talking about Insta-poetry and my absolute obsession with it. Insta-poetry is a form of short-form poetry which is quite popular on social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter, poetry that is associated with digital culture and has transformed to align with the ever-changing attention span of people that grows shorter by the day. In fact, insta-poetry has contributed to the sudden rise in poetry readership, especially given that it feels exceedingly relevant to young adults on the gram. The poetry is accessible and relatable, very brief and gets a lot of engagement. Although, this form of poetry has faced a…

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    Stillness in a Restless World

    How difficult could it be to embrace 07 minutes of stillness on a Sunday morning? Fearfully difficult. 07 minutes of thoughts cascading into my head, beating against my skull. 07 minutes of my eyes fluttering in vain, anxiously waiting to be unsealed. 07 minutes of listening to the sounds of nature woven into humanly sounds. 07 minutes of unfocused breathing, guided in conformity with the screeches of my ceiling fan. Maybe, just maybe, I should stick to exploring the world with my eyes open and brain clamoring. Maybe, it’s easier to live that way, unsheltered and oblivious. Read my previous Daily Poems here: And get ready to dive into the…