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Book Quotes | She’ll Never Make It by Masoom Minawala

Every time that I immerse myself in the pages of a book, I find more than just words on paper; a collection of profound insights and heartfelt emotions. Within the lines of my latest literary venture, I discovered a collection of quotes that was touching and inspirational for all to read. These quotes truly resonated with me and lingered in my thoughts long after I turned the final page.

Join me as we unravel the beauty and complexity of life reflected in the pages of this literary masterpiece “She’ll Never Make It” by Masoom Minawala. Here we go!


In the attempt to prove everyone wrong, I found that when you wear your heart on your sleeve, your passion on your fingertips and your conviction on your lips, things turn out okay.

– Masoom Minawala


That’s the thing about being young and wild and free. You can screw up something that’s going absolutely great, but you don’t take it to heart. You move on.

– Masoom Minawala


When you decide to post photos of yourself on the internet for the world to view, there are a large number of people who begin to zoom in and take on the responsibility of ridiculing those photos.

– Masoom Minawala


I don’t know whether it’s human nature or just me, but when you are repeatedly told something you begin to believe there is some truth in it. You begin to look at yourself differently in the mirror.

– Masoom Minawala


When you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation – especially when someone has the audacity to define you or your story through their lens – go to someone you trust, who has your best interests at heart, and ask them what they think. Let them rewrite the story for you. And that’s the only version you’re allowed to tell yourself. For, what you tell yourself is what becomes your reality.

– Masoom Minawala


It may be the people closest to you or just outside your innermost circle who will find a change in direction and motivation in you the hardest to swallow and cheer. Basically, they think they know you.

– Masoom Minawala


It’s only human to take personal rejections very harshly. It’s human to feel unlikeable. You’d be surprised at how many of us are in the same boat. But the bottom line is this: You cannot let anyone else’s response to you or their perception of you determine your self-worth. There will be people who don’t respond to you, places where you don’t click. And equally, there will be people with whom you get on like a house on fire. You’ll never discover the good connections unless you are brave enough to deal with the failed connections.

– Masoom Minawala


That deathly comparison of what we see around us and on social media and that urge to always focus on what we don’t have versus what we do have. Yes, I do fall into this negative spiral. But time and, more importantly, bad times, has taught me that there is no companionship, no relationship like another. The beauty is in the unique flaws, the eccentric imperfections and the unshared shortcomings that we possess (as a couple).

– Masoom Minawala

You can get your copy of “She’ll Never Make It” on Amazon. Drop your favourite quotes below and let me know how you liked the book.

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