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Book Quotes | How To Calm Your Mind by Chris Bailey

Welcome to the book-verse! Today, I’m diving into the book of “How To Calm Your Mind” authored by the Chris Bailey. As a book enthusiast with a penchant for blending insights with everyday lives, I can’t wait to share the lessons that I’ve unearthed through this book.

As Chris Bailey shares his personal journey from stress and burnout to a mindful understanding of productivity, he challenges the conventional narrative that busyness per se is the only path to success. This captivating book delves into the intricate relationship between productivity and calm, shedding light on the ways in which our digital and analog worlds shape our mental landscapes.

The book takes readers on a transformative journey, exploring the threads of anxiety woven into our desire for dopamine and the hidden stressors that lurk beneath the surface. From the concept of a ‘stimulation fast’ to dissecting the subjective nature of ‘busyness,’ Bailey imparts invaluable insights that resonate with anyone seeking a more balanced and sustainable approach to life.

So, grab your favorite reading nook, a cozy blanket, and let’s start this journey together as we uncover the most stirring and inspirational quotes from this literary masterpiece.


In large part, our identity is made up of the stories we believe about ourselves – as well as the stories others tell us about who we are.


Over time, memories accumulate like evidence – of who we’re becoming, and eventually, of who we believe we are.


We should probably try to earn a livable paycheck, help those around us, and live in a way that will minimize our future regret (in my opinion, minimizing regret is one of the most important ingredients of a good life).


When achievement drives most of what we do, we run the risk of not taking time to recharge, slow down, or appreciate the fruits of what we accomplish – all of which, ironically, make us more motivated and productive in the long run. We need to spend at least some of our time refueling, or we run the risk of burning out.


When we’re striving for accomplishment all of the time, we never truly enjoy where we are, what we’re doing, or most importantly, whom we get to do it all with.


As Maslach has written, if we’re “finding that [our] workplace is becoming more and more difficult to deal with, then it begs the question of why less attention is being paid to fixing the job” than to fixing us.


Although our constant striving for more has built the modern world as we know it, we never stop to think: Is more the correct variable to optimize our lives around?


While we may look successful when we build up what’s extrinsic to us – possessions, achievement, and a bigger life – we feel successful when we develop what’s intrinsic to us – including how calm we are and how much we can actually enjoy our life.


Calm lives where we become mesmerized by the fire while camping, or just notice the little things in our day; the changing colors of the trees we pass by on our morning commute, the sight of the sun as it peeks over the horizon line. The lower our stimulation height, the easier savoring everyday life becomes.


Here’s a simple truth: regardless of how much you have, comfort, calm and happiness will come from savoring the things that are already in your life – not from trying to get what you do not have.

As we wrap up this post on book quotes from this amazingly informative book “How To Calm Your Mind,” I hope you’ve found some valuable insights to enrich your very own journey. Books have an uncanny ability to transform our thinking, improve our skills, and inspire us to achieve our goals. So, why not make reading a cherished part of your daily routine?

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Thank you for being a part of this book-loving community, and here’s to many more thought-provoking reads and a lifestyle that truly works for you. Until next time, happy reading and stay inspired!

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