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07 Tiny Ways To Experience A Better, Productive Year

Hey there! I have to say that I feel really ready to kick-start this year with a bang. And I would love for you to get a headstart too – so I’ve got some tiny yet incredibly impactful ways to help you supercharge your life in 2024.

Buckle up, the coming year is going to be an amazing journey of growth and I’m so sure that we’re going to achieve it all. But I also know that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Because every year, we end up setting these huge New Year’s resolutions, most of which turn out to be unrealistic and unfulfilled by the end of the year. We all want to great things, but let’s face it – sometimes life throws bombs in our faces, and we find ourselves staring at our unchecked resolution lists.

But not THIS year! This year, we’re going to take a different approach. We’re going to start with a focus on the power of tiny changes which have been consistently vouched for. Especially, if you’re someone like me who has ups and downs with their productivity journey, small steps are exactly what you need!

So, grab your favourite mug of coffee, and get ready to discover seven bite-sized ways to revolutionize your life in 2024. Let’s dive in!

1. Set Realistic Goals (With A Deadline!)

If you’re a productivity enthusiast, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the process of setting S.M.A.R.T. goals. Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Realistic. Time-bound. S.M.A.R.T. goals are a great tool towards goal-setting and you should definitely try to set at least three realistic goals with a deadline for the year. The way to track these goals is to have a weekly check into whether goal-relevant activities are falling in place with your schedule. Ensure that you’re at least doing one goal-relevant activity each each and that way, you have 52 weeks to reach three annual goals. You can also do a quarterly check into your progress, and just in case, one or the other goal needs more focus, you can reframe your priorities accordingly. To make things easier for me, I am focusing on setting goals that are realistic and time-bound for the coming year. The reason being that my goals are heavily reliant on external factors. It becomes very rigid and demotivating for me to move ahead when my plans are disrupted by unforeseen situations. Maybe work needs priority or somebody at home is terminally ill. Not hitting a specific objective or measurable target makes me prone to disappointment. And to be extremely transparent with you, I have not yet learnt how to tackle this behavioural issue and hence, I’m going to work with what I know best about myself for the year 2024.

2. Prioritise Your Mental Health

All the way! I really cannot emphasize enough on why prioritising your mental health is the most important thing. You’ve got to heal what you’re dealing with and you’ve got to position yourself into a growth trajectory. We’ve all been taught to cover up our weaknesses and portray them as strengths. But to what extent? We shouldn’t forget that our flaws make us who we are, become an important part of our personalities. And if you’re not acknowledging that this is NOT a strength, you’re only letting it breed further rather than working on understanding your drawbacks. It is crucial that you realise your shortcomings instead of turning a blind eye towards them. Block time to know and understand yourself this year. Prioritise being happy, let others know that you are putting yourself first and that it’s okay. You’ve to always put on your own oxygen mask before you jump in to help others. Take therapy if needed, a lot of sessions are conducted online these days for convenience. I will put down a few links below for online therapy sessions conducted in India.

3. Upskill and Leverage Your Skill Set

As a kid, I remember being constantly told that you only have to learn until the 10th grade and then you enjoy life. Soon that timeline turned into 12th grade and then into an undergraduate degree and now, it’s a Masters. But the truth is, learning never ends. It doesn’t even end at PhD, and the reason is that the world is ever-evolving and you have to constantly play catch-up. All of the information that we are consuming today will probably get outdated 10 years down the lane, and if not outdated, it will surely become less-relevant and will need tweaks and modifications. Hence, when I say that you should take the next year to upskill, what I’m really trying to say is get into the habit of continuous learning to become irreplaceable in your industry. Also, simply learning won’t be good enough and take this from me – no matter how talented and skillful you are, unless you have practical examples of how your skills have been applied to real-life scenarios, they aren’t worth much to show for.

4. Spend Time With Uplifting People

Surrounding yourself with uplifting people is like adding extra sprinkles to your life’s sundae. You know, those folks who always find the silver lining, they definitely add an extra value to your life! Imagine human-sized helium balloons, lifting you higher when life is feeling a little flat. Having these people around is like having a pocketful of confetti at all times – and whenever things get gloomy, they help you feel your best! Their positive energy is contagious and these people will always act like your cheerleaders and your pillars of support. Uplifting people remind you that life is an incredible journey and it’s best shared with those who believe in you and encourage your growth. And honestly, not all of your friends will fill this role for you. So, choose your squad wisely the coming year and ensure that you know which of your humans fit the description – hold on to them!

5. Have a Decluttering Schedule

In the daily chaos of our lives, it’s super easy for clutter to sneak in, cluttering not just our physical space but our minds too. That’s where having a decluttering schedule becomes your secret weapon for a more productive life. A regular decluttering routine isn’t just about organizing your stuff; it’s about reclaiming your peace. It’s like hitting the reset button on your surroundings, making room for new experiences and fresh ideas. Plus, let’s admit it, there’s something oddly satisfying about seeing a tidy space and knowing exactly where everything belongs. Personally, for me, cleaning and decluttering helps so much with mental clarity more than physical. So, grab your 2024 calendars and set aside some “decluttering time” for every week(end) – help yourself create space in your surroundings as well as your head.

6. Keep Your Finances In Check

Managing your finances is not just about making ends meet, but about navigating towards your dreams and goals. Just as you would find it really difficult to travel without a map or a GPS system, it’s essential to create a map for your finances as well. It’s about time that we learn how to budget, save, and invest wisely. I’m sure a lot of us are great at planning and budgeting but if you’re somebody like me, you definitely get carried away when a lifestyle choice makes you question whiling your budget away. And trust me, this happens to me all the time – and yet, here I am – advising you to start keeping your finances in check. It’s because handling your finances wisely means more than just paying bills on time; your wealth-preservation ability empowers you to seize opportunities as well as weather unexpected storms. It’s the freedom of opportunity, the freedom to have what you want even when the ball is not exactly in your court. Whether it’s that dream vacation, buying a home, or securing your retirement, a solid financial plan can make it all possible. So, let’s stop settling for the bare minimum because yes, I’m super proud that you can pay off your debt on time, but it’s also important to be financially free in your head, instead of living under a burden of Credit Card Bills, EMIs and Consumer Loans.

7. Be Grateful For What You Have

Gratitude is like a warm hug for the soul, and it’s one of life’s secret ingredients to happiness. In a world that often rushes by, taking a moment to appreciate the simple joys can make all the difference. It’s about recognizing the little wins, the people who light up your life, and the countless blessings that surround you daily. It is the power to shift your focus from what’s lacking to what’s available for you.

From personal experience, I’d say that you should start small. Each day, start with taking a moment to reflect on the things that you’re thankful for. If you’re in the mood to use a pen, keep a gratitude journal, jot down three things that brought you joy, or simply express appreciation to those who matter. Remember that gratitude is all about sharing love and it isn’t just a feeling; it’s a way of life. Gratitude is definitely the key to finding joy in the everyday moments. And even if you’re unable to do it everyday, let’s at least try to be grateful about our wins in life every week.

It’s always a joy to bring you these tiny bits of joy and productivity. Hi, I am Ritika and I talk about work-life productivity, books and coffee. To stay connected, drop by the page whenever you need a boost of inspiration! Until next time, signing off —

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