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How To Really Connect With Your Books :)

Do you ever find yourself lost while rummaging through the pages of a book?

Hello and welcome back to Readably Yours!

Of late, this really simple question has been bothering me a lot. The reason being that I have witnessed many books throughout my reading journey where I desperately tried to delve deeper but only ended up losing more of my mind. Trust me when I say there’s no worse feeling for a reader (other than dog-eared bookmarks, of course). You know, when I first grab hold of a book, I hold a certain expectation from myself, I assume that I’m going to be so vested in it that I absorb every worthy piece of content it holds. But that is not what reality looks like.

Back in 2023, I participated in the Goodreads reading challenge, eager to eat up as many books as humanly possible. This was the first year that I was taking the challenge seriously given that I had just started my digital diary at Readably Yours. The major reason why I quit reading challenges in 2024 is – I found myself so fixated on reaching those numerical targets that I lost sight of the true essence and enjoyment within the pages of each book.

That is the entire philosophy on which this blog post is based: How to Connect Better with Your Books (so that you end up reading them because you really want to read).

What I think is absolutely essential to remember is that every reader’s experience is unique. What connects with one person may leave another completely confused. That is exactly why we’re going to explore some hacks to help you truly understand the book you’re reading, and ultimately decide whether this was a worthy read or not.

Diving in!

  • Be Consciously Present

Picture this: you’re sitting by the window, on a bean bag, a cup of tea in hand (pick your preferred poison), and you open your book with a renewed hope. But soon, you realize that you’ve lost track of the last five pages that you were apparently just glancing through. The level of self-reflection prompted by this single, fleeting moment is immense.

I don’t usually re-read pages, but some moments I realize that I’ve been reading pages on the go for the past ten minutes without actually absorbing any words.

To truly understand a book, it is absolutely important to be present in the moment.

Action: Set aside all distractions, turn off your buzzing phone, and create a read-able environment. Give your book the attention that it needs.

  • Get Comfortable

Let’s discuss comfort. There have been endless moments when I’m curled up in my reading nook, or flat on the bed inside a fleece blanket, or just sitting on the perfect chair that I bought myself last year. And then what, the back starts aching, the legs go numb, the curse of old-age begins to haunt my 24-year old body. And while I am concentrating on finding the perfect position to read, there go 5 more pages where I no longer recollect what I read.

The perfect reading setup does exist, however comfort is not the only factor to consider. You’ve also got to think about functionality. Find the right position that helps you maintain focus at reading.

Action: Add some support pillows, or maybe walk as you read. Experiment with a few ways and find what helps you function at reading in an effectively manner. Stick by it.

  • Connect with the Characters or the Theme

Characters are like the heart of a story. Some make you laugh, some make you cry, and others seem too good or bad to be real. You might feel protective of some characters, while others make you want to fight them.

Even if you’re not into fiction, it’s important to connect with what a book is about. For example, if you’re reading a book like “The Practice of Groundedness” by Brad Stulberg, you should be interested in learning about the topic it covers.

Action: Get to know the characters or subject of the book. Think about what they’re like and how you would react if you were them. Choose books that match your interests or things you want to learn more about.

  • Find Your Reading Community

Fun fact: A few years ago, humans started this initiative of doing things solo. Going to the movies, solo. Travelling the world, solo. Getting married to themselves, solo. (Please take that as a joke). I assume that people are now bored of consistently doing things on an individual level. So, if you’re up for an adventure, you can experiment with a reading community. You can find fellow book lovers to share your joy of reading with.

Action: Seek out a reading community, whether it’s an online book club or a local group. Share your perspectives, discussing different outcomes, and experience your book with others. Put your opinions up for debate.

  • Reflect and Grow

Wait for it… the journey is not yet over. To really understand a book, you have got to take the time towards the end in order to reflect on what you’ve read. Summarize the ideas in the book, analyze the themes, and let the book become a part of you.

Action: Ask yourself thought-provoking questions. Write a book review based on an available template. Share your book lessons on your bookstagram.

Remember, reading is not just an escape from the real world. We also depend on reading for self-discovery and growth. So, the next time you open a book, take some time to actually appreciate the reading journey.

Let me ask you something: Have you ever read a book that left you feeling both drained and satisfied? Feel free to share your chosen titles in the comments below.

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Until next time,

Ri @ Readably Yours

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