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    Book Review | She’ll Never Make It by Masoom Minawala

    In a world where ambitious, young women often undergo a lot of skepticism, Masoom Minawala’s new book, “She’ll Never Make It,” is a light-hearted guide on resilience and empowerment. The book not only challenges those who have it in themselves to venture in uncharted territories but also mirrors Masoom’s struggles and wins across the years of her entering the influencer industry. Blurb: ‘She’ll never make it’ is something many ambitious, driven and entrepreneurial young women hear, especially if they want to do something totally different. And Masoom Minawala was no exception. Ridiculed and derided, Masoom decided to prove everyone wrong. Today she’s one of the top influencer-creators in India and…

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    How To Really Connect With Your Books :)

    Do you ever find yourself lost while rummaging through the pages of a book? Hello and welcome back to Readably Yours! Of late, this really simple question has been bothering me a lot. The reason being that I have witnessed many books throughout my reading journey where I desperately tried to delve deeper but only ended up losing more of my mind. Trust me when I say there’s no worse feeling for a reader (other than dog-eared bookmarks, of course). You know, when I first grab hold of a book, I hold a certain expectation from myself, I assume that I’m going to be so vested in it that I…

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    Book Recs – If You Liked “Attitude”, You’ll Love These Books Too

    Hey there! This week, I just completed my recent read “Attitude – The Sh*t They Never Taught You” by Adam Ashton and Adam Jones. The Podcasters aired the last episode on their show, “What You Will Learn” on July 19th – throughout their journey from 2016 to 2023, they shared their takeaways and best parts of their best books on this show. The book recommendations below are based on their recent book “Attitude” where they have crafted key takeaways based on five major areas of life: Every chapter in the book is based on the key themes of the following books. I’ve happened to read a few of them but…