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    Echoes of Existence

    About the Book Title: Echoes of Existence Author: Ritika Das a.k.a. Readably Yours Genre: Poetry Summary: “Echoes of Existence” is a captivating poetry collection that invites readers to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Through a series of heartfelt verses, this book unveils the hidden magic within life’s mundane moments and emotional journeys. Immerse yourself in the essence of the everyday as these poems encourage you to rediscover the joy in simple pleasures—from the aroma of morning coffee to the peace found within the pages of a book. Inspired by the ordinary moments of the writer’s life, these verses resonate with the ebbs and flows that define our existence. With…

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    My Author Life Since 2005, You Heard It Right

    Hello, I’m Ritika Das, known in the literary world as Readablyours. Early Life and Writing InspirationI’ve always wanted to be a writer since I was in first grade (2005) – it was when I learned for the first time that I had the capability to write poems that melt hearts. Growing up in Mumbai, my home was always filled with books and stories. My mom nurtured my love for books, and sitting in the kitchen reading out loud to her enhanced my passion for literature, aspiring me to write one of my own someday. Writing JourneyMy journey as a writer truly began with a Wattpad title that I ended up…