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    Neglected Moments: The Things We Ignore | Daily Poetry

    Prompt: (Skyler’s Prompts) Write a poem about the things we ignore. Neglected Moments: The Things We Ignore. Wildflowers floating.Softness of the waves crashing.The wind quietly stroking your skin.Sticky notes abandoned on the wall.The soothing imprint of pastel colors.Leaves sprouting in your baby plant.The echo of hunger rumbling in the belly.The fluidity of ink running through pearly pages.Voices in the vicinity that we’ve learnt to deafen out.A platonic friendship that has outstepped the turmoil of time.The struggles of a parent who loses track of their life, inch by inch. Read my previous NaPoWriMo Poems here: Until next time, Ri @ Readably Yours

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    Personal Notes and Opinions

    Breaking The Chains of Sacrifice | Daily Poetry

    In the past, simply missing one day of a challenge would often demotivate me to the point of giving up. However, this year of 2024, I’ve chosen to embrace imperfection. Which means, I will constantly remind myself (through actions) that a single missed event won’t determine my overall success. So, I’m pushing forward in the NaPoWriMo challenge, knowing that I have the opportunity to make up for Day 6 at a later point in time. Just a tiny note to self 🙂 Prompt:  Write a poem about personal sacrifices and the complex emotions that come with making them. In this tiny world, where ideas constantly evolve and bloom, We puny little…