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Breaking The Chains of Sacrifice | Daily Poetry

In the past, simply missing one day of a challenge would often demotivate me to the point of giving up. However, this year of 2024, I’ve chosen to embrace imperfection. Which means, I will constantly remind myself (through actions) that a single missed event won’t determine my overall success. So, I’m pushing forward in the NaPoWriMo challenge, knowing that I have the opportunity to make up for Day 6 at a later point in time. Just a tiny note to self 🙂

Prompt:  Write a poem about personal sacrifices and the complex emotions that come with making them.

In this tiny world, where ideas constantly evolve and bloom,

We puny little humans have audaciously presumed,

That we hold the ultimate power to create a change of hearts,

Looming around and lost in ourselves, branched into a zillion parts.

We sacrifice and forego, a multitude of hopes and dreams,

In truth, expecting to receive in return, love in heaps and reams.

And await a round of applause, for this assumed “gift” of letting go,

Assuring your naive self, this is something you will be owed.

Unquestionably an act of love, maybe a sense of burden,

If only we could be selfless, in this world so ripe and urban.

Respect, love, integrity – we patiently await our turn,

Expecting our sacrifice to bear fruits, when will we ever learn?

The dreams we end up discarding, they made us who we are,

Ingrained in our bodies like an identity traced in scars.

Presumptions say they’ll fade, while in truth, they always stay,

Our broken sacrifices, we come to resent every single day.

The wait is delayed and brutal, but how longer can you blame?

That dream you’ve paused for seasons, it’s time you made your claim.

It’s time you believed in yourself, and found the courage to fly,

You’ve paved the way for others, now question your own “why.”

And end this chain of parting with yourself, for that’s no badge of glory,

Or sign of endless, selfless love, that’s not how ends your story.

Today you choose your journey, and do what you’ve wanted for long,

Since sacrifices aren’t always right, and choosing yourself isn’t wrong.

In this tiny world of yours, experience what it means to be free,

And there’ll come along genuine moments, where you’ll happily bend the knee.

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Until next time,

Ri @ Readably Yours

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