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    Books To Read If You Love Insta-Poetry ✨

    Hey there and welcome back to Readably Yours! Today, we’re talking about Insta-poetry and my absolute obsession with it. Insta-poetry is a form of short-form poetry which is quite popular on social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter, poetry that is associated with digital culture and has transformed to align with the ever-changing attention span of people that grows shorter by the day. In fact, insta-poetry has contributed to the sudden rise in poetry readership, especially given that it feels exceedingly relevant to young adults on the gram. The poetry is accessible and relatable, very brief and gets a lot of engagement. Although, this form of poetry has faced a…

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    Stillness in a Restless World

    How difficult could it be to embrace 07 minutes of stillness on a Sunday morning? Fearfully difficult. 07 minutes of thoughts cascading into my head, beating against my skull. 07 minutes of my eyes fluttering in vain, anxiously waiting to be unsealed. 07 minutes of listening to the sounds of nature woven into humanly sounds. 07 minutes of unfocused breathing, guided in conformity with the screeches of my ceiling fan. Maybe, just maybe, I should stick to exploring the world with my eyes open and brain clamoring. Maybe, it’s easier to live that way, unsheltered and oblivious. Read my previous Daily Poems here: And get ready to dive into the…

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    Rethinking Challenges :)

    In life, some are quick to dismiss our challenges as excuses, claiming that only we hold ourselves back. But it's vital to acknowledge our limitations and challenges as real. Overcoming them requires resilience, leading not only to survival, but also to flourishing. It's time to recognize the strength in enduring difficult times.

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    Little Things | Daily Poetry

    There’s something so conflictingly amusing About the small things in life – The things that are so simple and yet modestly extraordinary. A warm cup of coffee during the cozy winters, A smile from a random stranger you met on the train, Drops of dew dancing on the leaves, Fresh rain and the heavenly smell of petrichor, Gentle waves of wind carrying echoes of hushed secrets, Adults laughing somewhere in the midst of a tiring day, Feeling at peace among a cacophony of noise and chaos, The hug of a friend releasing so many troubling thoughts in your head. But do we ever take a pause to cherish these little…

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    Nostalgia in a Digital World | Daily Poetry

    Prompt: Imagine a world where technology no longer exists. Write a piece describing how society has adapted and the impact it has on individuals’ lives. Nostalgia in a Digital World. Rounded necks and tamed spirits, Losing track of all our merits, In a world of devices and tech, We’re always trying to make or break. Reminiscing achingly of times in the past, Before we were exposed to a community vast – When tech was but a dreamy bubble, Economical transformations, our only trouble. When close-knit relations mattered more, Likes, shares, comments; we kept no score. When we listened to the radio and read the daily paper, Walked around the dusk, some…

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    Dancing Dawn | Daily Poetry

    Prompt: Imagine yourself as a ray of sunlight. Write a poem exploring the journey you take as you enter a room and illuminate the space. Dancing Dawn. Squeezing through the windows, a bitsy ray of white, Potent and full of life, sole glimmering beam of light. Invading a room pale dark, attempts to desperately fit in, Unaware of the surrounding dark, that lingers yet within. The blinds honor the path for the illumination it holds, The night gradually turns sullen, awaiting what shall unfold. Sunlight cuddles into the spaces, silently sitting still, Awaiting further visitors who shall lazily refill – And bring into our presence, the spectacle we call “day,” The…

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    Innocence Unleashed | Daily Poetry

    Prompt: (Skyler’s Prompts) What’s an identity you’ve had since childhood? Innocence Unleashed. What was I like as a child – Some days docile, some days wild. Always screaming for what I felt was right, Tiny girl in pigtails, always shining bright. Could write through the noon, and read through the night, Some days she’d growl – but don’t worry, she didn’t bite. Would cry for tubs of ice cream, freezing and cold, Always lacked patience, couldn’t wait to grow old. A two-foot long kid, thinking she could scare, Everyone around her, with the fierceness of her stare. Dancing through the halls, she’d sing a little song, And push through academics, with…

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    Joyful Reflections | Daily Poetry

    Prompt: (Skyler’s Prompts) Write a poem about something you love. Joyful Reflections. A train of thought passes, the mind goes wild, Wondering about moments that ever made me smile, And what about the world are the things that we love – Driving through the mountains, watching the world from above, Sitting by the sea, engrossed into a read, Watching birdies fly, soaring high and free, Walking into a cafe, the smell of croissants and buns, Curled by the window, embracing all the sun, Writing into my planner and checking off my to-do, Flowers, coffee and music; the ultimate aesthetic view, The fragrance of new pages, in the books I recently bought,…

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    Breaking The Chains of Sacrifice | Daily Poetry

    In the past, simply missing one day of a challenge would often demotivate me to the point of giving up. However, this year of 2024, I’ve chosen to embrace imperfection. Which means, I will constantly remind myself (through actions) that a single missed event won’t determine my overall success. So, I’m pushing forward in the NaPoWriMo challenge, knowing that I have the opportunity to make up for Day 6 at a later point in time. Just a tiny note to self 🙂 Prompt:  Write a poem about personal sacrifices and the complex emotions that come with making them. In this tiny world, where ideas constantly evolve and bloom, We puny little…

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    Embracing Courage | Daily Poetry

    Prompt: Write a poem in which you take your title or some language/ideas from The Strangest Things in the World.  The Greatest Mistake I Ever Made… Was rushing through life, with happiness delayed. Presuming that no matter how hard I tried, My dreams and reality wouldn’t collide. The unsettling emotion of never being in control, Broken parts of humanness, but never feeling whole. I lived such, before I found the biggest secret to life, Simple mustering up of courage, jumping in to dive… Into a wider cosmos that values more than wealth, Consciously choosing soulful, deeper avenues for yourself. Desert the chains of restraint, the world can handle the burden, Of your…