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Nostalgia in a Digital World | Daily Poetry

Prompt: Imagine a world where technology no longer exists. Write a piece describing how society has adapted and the impact it has on individuals’ lives.

Nostalgia in a Digital World.

Rounded necks and tamed spirits,

Losing track of all our merits,

In a world of devices and tech,

We’re always trying to make or break.

Reminiscing achingly of times in the past,

Before we were exposed to a community vast –

When tech was but a dreamy bubble,

Economical transformations, our only trouble.

When close-knit relations mattered more,

Likes, shares, comments; we kept no score.

When we listened to the radio and read the daily paper,

Walked around the dusk, some greetings to a neighbour.

Repaired things at home, pranked the local kitty,

Wrote some verses deep, then explored parts of the city.

Appreciating the skies, simpler zests of the soul

No instant connections, but we felt rather whole.

All of our creative outlets now bereft of life,

Everything for the gram with engagement flowing rife.

But when the fatigue hits, we revert to rituals olden,

Music, books and company; soulful experiences of times golden.

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