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Joyful Reflections | Daily Poetry

Prompt: (Skyler’s Prompts) Write a poem about something you love.

Joyful Reflections.

A train of thought passes, the mind goes wild,

Wondering about moments that ever made me smile,

And what about the world are the things that we love –

Driving through the mountains, watching the world from above,

Sitting by the sea, engrossed into a read,

Watching birdies fly, soaring high and free,

Walking into a cafe, the smell of croissants and buns,

Curled by the window, embracing all the sun,

Writing into my planner and checking off my to-do,

Flowers, coffee and music; the ultimate aesthetic view,

The fragrance of new pages, in the books I recently bought,

A tiny snap of fingers, and here breaks my train of thought.

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