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Choosing Your Tribe: The Kind of Friends You Need!

So last night, @alwaysaugst_medic and me had an in-dept discussion about how we are definitely the average of the people that we usually surround ourselves with. We develop the habits and characteristics that our friends empower within themselves.

And so, it’s really important for you to find a community of people who are supportive and wish the best for you. People who want to see you grow. Friends and family who are non-judgmental about the choices you make and the things that you decide to prioritize at certain stages in your life.

All in all, if you’re somebody who’s still building their tribe, you would do so much better in life with people who want to help you build upwards rather than envy you until you tear yourself down silently. It’s not worth maintaining friendships where one person wants the spotlight for themselves at the cost of somebody else’s joy.

You should not be okay with a friend who is completely fine with the idea of pushing your emotions to the back-end if that helps them shine through. That’s outright mean. That’s not the kind of friends you want. Rather, you need people who are okay with you sharing the spotlight with them. People who would love to just watch you grow along with them. That’s the kind you hold on to in life.

What are your thoughts on this?

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