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Nurturing Growth Through Therapy | Daily Poetry

Prompt for you to write on: Think about a person in your life who has influenced your perspective on mental well-being. Explain how they have impacted your life.

Nurturing Growth Through Therapy.

In this tiny journey of life, emptily looking for a guide,

With all our struggles and doubts, needing an ally on the side.

Somebody whose advice shines through brighter than the sun,

Her words soft and comforting, always helps me overcome.

For therapy isn’t restricted to sitting and shedding tears,

It’s more than hours spent talking about dilemmas and fears.

Yes, there’s genuine conversations and warm, fervent talks,

But most of all, she’ll help you unlock your inner blocks.

Some anecdotes and real-life metaphors will be shared,

Some practical wisdom, but also extending of care.

Where it’s okay to be sensitive, to treat yourself with empathy,

And create a deeper connection rooted in pure humanity.

And with some wider reflection, your growth starts to unfold,

Resolving questions left unanswered and stories left untold,

Struggles, emotions, and vulnerability – all that we embrace,

Once we were running away from issues, now we run along with grace.

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