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Yearning for Home | Daily Poetry

Prompt: (Using Skyler’s National Poetry Month Prompts) – What did you do last night? Don’t tell us, show us.

A gentle tap on the phone, the clock screams 7:02 pm on the screen.

My supervisor talks incessantly, I’m ignorant but I nod and feign.

Silently thinking of home, where I desperately wish to retreat,

Where I’ll step into my pee-jays, comfort food I’ll eventually eat.

The numbness in my leg grows, reminds me I’m still here,

Why are people still talking to me, I can’t fathom and think any clear.

Maybe it’s the nostalgia of April, the month of poetry and summer,

The daily urge to return home sooner, is turning me into a work-bummer.

But what awaits me at home, the workplace will never be able to offer,

Quiet moments of writing poetry, some sukoon-ki-chai in cup and saucer.

The dimmed out fairy lights, some mood-music on the go,

Watching comfort shows with mumma, raw emotions allowed to show.

Some laughter here and there, stolen glances during moments of joy,

Book in hand as I unwrap, letting go of the day’s decoy.

But how do I fight the supervisor, who thinks only with head,

Whose fuel is deadlines and deliverables, puts nothing else ahead.

While I struggle with a heart, that does all the thinking for me,

This romantic little piece of shit, just wants to breathe a little free.

I decide that staying hushed is the best option I have,

A little slice of patience, maybe the hours will shorten by half.

Again, I tap into the screen, this time with an additional dash of hope,

“7:03!” — this is officially worse than a heartache, I hide my face and mope.

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