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Embracing Courage | Daily Poetry

Prompt: Write a poem in which you take your title or some language/ideas from The Strangest Things in the World

The Greatest Mistake I Ever Made…

Was rushing through life, with happiness delayed.

Presuming that no matter how hard I tried,

My dreams and reality wouldn’t collide.

The unsettling emotion of never being in control,

Broken parts of humanness, but never feeling whole.

I lived such, before I found the biggest secret to life,

Simple mustering up of courage, jumping in to dive…

Into a wider cosmos that values more than wealth,

Consciously choosing soulful, deeper avenues for yourself.

Desert the chains of restraint, the world can handle the burden,

Of your dreams and ambitions, be assured, brave and certain.

For embracing courage is believably easier than you think,

Life is fleeting, but regrets don’t vanish within a blink.

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