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Separation and Solidarity | Daily Poetry

Prompt: A platonic love poem. In other words, a poem not about a romantic partner, but some other kind of love – your love for your sister, or a friend, or even your love for a really good Chicago deep dish pizza. The poem should be written directly to the object of your affections (like a letter is written to “you”), and should describe at least three memories of you engaging with that person/thing.

My best friend once lived closer, now stays miles away from me

From coffee dates to video calls, what have we come to be

Where once we were inseparable, always giggling in glee

Today, stuck in different time zones, never really free –

To be there for each other, the way we once had vowed

But maybe, just maybe, we’re still looking at the same cloud,

The same moon, the same sky, and we wish we were closer

And pull ourselves together, with simple dilemmas to talk over

For deep within my senses, I still twirl a little at midnight

And wonder if she’s awake, if she’s witnessing sunlight

Since words are never enough, to let her know how much she’s missed

There’s none like her to hug me tight, and none to hold my wrist

And tell me that they love me, that everything’s going to be fine

Gone are the days for spontaneous meetups, some cheesecake and wine

But every time I see your face on that tiny, portable screen

The heart knows, we’ll one day, go back to what we’d once been.

This poem is dedicated to my best friend, my constant supporter and the one I have the most soulful friendship with: Anjali [ I love you to the moon and back; and will always do ] @alwaysaugst_medic

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