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    Influencing Mental Wellness: To Those Who Make a Difference

    Prompt for you to write on: Think about a person in your life who has influenced your perspective on mental well-being. Explain how they have impacted your life. Influencing Mental Wellness: To Those Who Make a Difference Let’s talk about people who influence your perspective on well-being and appreciate them a little. Personally, no one has had a greater impact on my well-being perspective than my therapist. And I have been to many professionals over the years, experimented time and again, because finding your right fit is not just a factor restricted to romantic relationships. And therapy is not just about moving your ass to a comfortable chair, in a…

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    Healing The Past Or Growing Forward: How to Pick One

    Let’s have a little bit of context first – This Saturday was a disaster. The schedule was horrible and the mess-ups were worse. Over the weekend, the plan was to attend my therapy session and the goal was to feel a little uncluttered in life. Honestly, I was really desperate to find help this particular weekend because lately things have been piling up one after the other. And of course, my self-management skills are not exactly pro-version. However, I ended up with a therapist who wasn’t available and it appears there was a miscommunication. I took the first chance to pounce at some retail therapy and later scrolled through Practo…

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    From Anxious to Excited: All About My First Therapy Session

    Disclaimer, I’m over-excited today because I’m really looking forward to my upcoming session and I’m taking therapy again after One. Whole. Year. This post is all about channeling my energy as well as being nostalgic about the first time I walked in for therapy. I hope this helps you get an understanding of what you can expect as well as encourage you to take the first step if you’re somebody who is contemplating going for profession help. It’s been almost a year since I went for my last session. Over these five years, I’ve been constantly taking sessions and they’re not all with the same mental health professional. However, they…